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Sarge Release Notes - Thank you all

Now that Sarge has actually released and we have the English version and 
*11* translations of the Release Notes on all full CDs and DVDs, I think 
a quick "thank you" to all involved is appropriate.

Work on the Sarge Release Notes was started around September of last year, 
but we've had to make a little sprint for the finish after Rob Bradford 
asked for help because he was too busy preparing for exams to give the 
Release Notes the attention they deserve.

So, a big thank you to the following people for their very hard work over 
the last few weeks:
- Rob Bradford for providing the basis on which to build
- all translators who have done a really great job in keeping up with all
  the changes
- reviewers of the original text and translations
- Frank Lichtenheld for making sure everything got published on the
  website and Steve McIntyre for including the Release Notes on the CDs at
  the very last moment
- again Frank Lichtenheld and also Martin Zobel-Helas for their work on
  the kernel upgrade appendix
- Jens Seidel for helping with commits, solving build problems and
  general help in improving the quality of the document
- Bill Allombert for his excellent job of analyzing upgrade reports
  and identifying issues that should be included in the Release Notes
- the Release Management team and Steve in particular
- Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña and Vincent McIntyre for their
  contributions, and everybody else who contributed

Let's go enjoy Sarge (and working on Etch)!

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