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Re: alpha buildd down?

Roger Leigh wrote:
> Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:
>>>Roger Leigh wrote:
>>>>There are at least two RC bugs waiting stuck at Needs-Build on the
>>>>alpha buildd (samba, ettercap) for quite a while now.  Has the alpha
>>>>buildd keeled over?
>>>Yes, we had experienced a problem yesterday.  Thiemo got the machine back
>>>up abut stopped the buildd.  The buildd maintainer should know about it
>>>and will probably take care of it soon.
> There's still no sign of life (according to buildd.d.o).
> I had a look at the developer-accessible alphas, to see if I could
> build a binNMU myself, but they are all down (lully, escher, faure).

I should be able to do binNMUs for alpha if someone could point me at
the source packages/versions that need building.


Paul Cupis

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