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Re: Tagging with 'patch'

* Philipp Kern [2005-06-03 00:11:04+0200]
> Recai Oktas wrote:
> > http://l10n-turkish.alioth.debian.org/debian/clara_20031214-1.1_i386.deb
> Single debs are not really useful. What we as DDs need are .diff.gz and
> .dsc as the provide the actual patch. Currently we did not receive your
> fix but only the (perhaps fixed) result in a binary form.

I've forgot to make a full source upload, but other files are already
there (except orig.tar.gz, which you can get from the unstable archive):


> By the way this bug is tagged "sid", so it does not affect the release
> anyway.

I'm aware of it, but maybe it could be considered for Sarge by removing
the 'sid' tag (assuming that the RC bug is the reason for 'sid' tag).
I'm afraid it's a little bit late.  I've just wanted to let you know
that an NMU exists.

Best regards,


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