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Re: debian-cd_2.2.22_i386.changes ACCEPTED

Dear release team,

Please accept the latest version of debian-cd for sarge, as uploaded
to unstable last night. The number of changes is quite large, but they
should be entirely risk-free:

debian-cd (2.2.22) unstable; urgency=critical

  * Steve McIntyre
    - Prepared YA "last before sarge" debian-cd release
    - Urgency "Critical" to make sure we make it in...
  * Joey Hess
    - Add post-sarge udebs rescue-check, initrd-preseed, and preseed-common
      to the udeb exclude list since these will be/are inluded on sid initrds.
    - Add etch directories; point sid symlinks to them.
    - Add rescue stanzas to etch isolinux.cfg. Rescue mode is supported in
      post-sarge d-i images only.
    - Add support for f4.txt that is for systems with the 2.6 kernel.
    - Exclude new mouse-modules udebs from CDs until something in d-i uses
    - debian-installer task files renamed to include distro name and branched
      for etch.
  * Steve McIntyre
    - Make woody's post-boot-mipsel script cope with extra fields in the
      output of sarge's isoinfo
    - Add Suggests: on netpbm and syslinux. Closes: #301345
    - Count the total number of binary and source discs better; sarge can
      have more than 9 CDs, so ?.packages doesn't cut it any more.
    - Don't copy the whole d-i cdrom directory onto CD1 for amd64.
      Closes: #306926
    - Don't copy boot.img.gz onto amd64 CD1.
    - Added Manty's testingcds script as an example of debian-cd use
    - Updated sarge task lists to match the latest sarge CD build
  * Santiago Garcia
    - Allow the usage of a local mirror of the daily d-i builds to be used
      for sid_d-i builds, this is done by setting DI_WWW_HOME=default and
    - Add autorun capabilities to i386 cds so that instead of getting the
      "what do you want Windows to do" question under XP, we get the html
      README started. Closes: #185238
    - Make the jigdos use the same naming scheme as the isos, as per my
      proposal to the list.
    - Add some amd64 patches from Goswin: Fixed boot-amd64 and added
      some packages missing on netinsts.
    - Port to etch previous changes I commited for sarge.

Except for adding the testingcds script as an example in the package
(as requested by jvw), all of the above changes have been in the
debian-cd CVS module for a while and tested in production over the
last few weeks.

The number of users of the debian-cd package is small (most developers
use the CVS version), and it's a binary-all package, which should both
help to mitigate any worries about breakage.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"C++ ate my sanity" -- Jon Rabone

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