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Re: Please, accept mozilla-firefox-locale-all 1.0.4lang20050515-1 for Sarge

> Now some facts that might downgrade the severity of the bug:
> - There is an easy work-around: run update-mozilla-firefox-chrome by hand 
> after installing and after removing the package.
> - 99% of people will install mozilla-firefox-theme-rtlclassic together with 
> mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il (or mozilla-firefox-locale-ar). In this case, 
> the -he-il or -ar packages will execute update-firefox-theme-rtlclassic, so 
> the problem will not be present on installation.
>  However, on removal the theme is removed after the -he-il package, so the 
> problem is still there.

Actually, I think that the lack of postinst scripts makes the issue an
"important" bug. Gien the nature of Firefox (very end-user oriented
software), its target probably includes a lot of low-skilled end/home
users for who just running "update-mozilla-firefox-chrome" is just out
of scope....and who will just think the package doesn't work.

So, if the change is only adding the scripts (and the two new
languages), I would vote for this release to go in sarge.

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