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Re: Release Notes - Proposed last minute changes

On Wednesday 01 June 2005 00:20, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Next time send a warning 24h in advance stating you will send the final
> patch tomorrow and we will have only 5 hours to comments. This give us
> a chance to be online at just the right time.

As a matter of fact, I was very much hoping you would see the proposal 
before I would have to commit, given the work you've done so far :-)
Sorry to rush you like this, but I know I will also have very unhappy 
translators because of yet another change and I'd like to give them as 
much time as I can.

> Here my proposal:

Thanks very much, just the nudge that I needed :-D
I've mixed up both texts and this will was the result that will be 
committed in a few moments:

  <p>The upgrade process in itself does not modify anything in the
  <file>/home</file> directory. However, some applications (e.g.
  Mozilla, some KDE applications) are known to overwrite existing
  user settings with new defaults when a new version of the application
  is first started by a user. As a precaution, you may want to make a
  backup of the hidden files and directories ("dotfiles") in users'
  home directories. This backup may help to restore or recreate the
  old settings. You may also want to inform users about this issue.</p>


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