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Status of kimdaba_2.0-4


 kimdaba_2.0-4 has been on sid for 10 days now without any problems
reported and it is currently built for all the architectures.

 Please consider it for Sarge.

Thank you.

My original request follows:

 Current version on Sarge is 2.0-2 and has a severity important bug
filed against it (Bug: #300309). In order to fix this bug, a 2.0-3
package was uploaded, with the following changelog entry:

kimdaba (2.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Explicit Build-Depends on gcc-3.3, libstdc++5, libc6-dev and libc6
    removed to allow build on ia64, alpha and ppc64 (closes: #300309).
  * Corrected "a XML" typo on Description and manpage (closes: #299997).

Unfortunately, soon after 2.0-3 was uploaded a new important bug was
filed against it (Bug: #309752) and version 2.0-4 was uploaded with the
following changelog entry:

kimdaba (2.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Broken i386 package on Sid, unnecessary dependency on kdelibs
    4:4.3.0 removed (closes: #309752).
  * Upstream KDE-help documentation is only in Docbook format. Only
    HTML, DebianDoc-SGML or Text are acceptable. Removed
    debian/kimdaba.doc-base (closes: #308985).

All the fixes involve removing build-dependencies (#300309) or internal
packaging issues (Bug: #309752, #299997, #308985).

I believe that none of this fixes will cause any problems if the package
goes into sarge.

Thank you,

David L. Moreno

David L. Moreno (david.lopez.moreno at hispalinux.es)
Debian SID (2.6.9-1) i686 PentiumIII
GPG Public Key at: http://www-gsi.dec.usc.es/~dave/pub_key.asc 
Key ID: 761BF242

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