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Re: Yet another security update for 'elog'

Recai Oktas wrote:
> I am about to make a new security upload (through my sponsor) for elog:
> elog_2.5.7+r1558-3 against the testing-proposed-updates archive.  The
> new package fixes a buffer overflow[1] (which has no CVE id).  For your
> convenience, I attached the output from debdiff (2.5.7+r1558-2 to
> 2.5.7+r1558-3).

These changes look fine. However, your upload to t-p-u unfortunatly
prevented version -2 going in to testing; it had been waiting on a
missing sparc build and should have been approved next time vorlon
checked it, but now we'll have to wait for -3 to build on all arches
before any of the security fixes can go in.

see shy jo

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