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Re: [edd@debian.org: Bug#311108: ftp.debian.org: Please remove xgobi and xgobi-doc from all distributions]

On 28 May 2005 at 23:53, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
| If you want it to be maintained for another full release cycle, and
| think it's worth it, sure -- but it's a bit unclear to me what you mean.

Ggobi replaces xgobi. Ggobi didn't make it into sarge, but then xgobi isn't
in it either (non-free being a step-child and not part of the family).

| Either it's removed from unstable only, and after the release, or it's
| removed from sarge too. It'll stay in woody unless there's some legal
| reason not to.

Good point. May as well stay in woody. I'm indifferent about sarge, and it
should definitely go from sid.

| Especially as the replacement 'ggobi' is in sarge, I'd suggest to drop
| xgobi{,-doc} from sarge. Agreed?


Thanks, Dirk

| --Jeroen
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| Subject: Bug#311108: ftp.debian.org: Please remove xgobi and xgobi-doc from all distributions
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| Hi,
| xgobi can be removed from all distributions:
| a) it is still non-free (bad AT&T license)
| b) development stopped years in favour of the newer ggobi replacement [1]
| c) ggobi's licensing was changed from AT&T's own license to the Common
|    Public License which DFSG-compatible, and ggobi is now in main, as is
|    its main dependent Rggobi (aka r-omegahat-ggobi)
| Given that replacement software is maintained upstream and in main, we do
| not need the non-free legacy package anymore. I had still maintained it for
| a transition to ggobi, but the time has come to purge xgobi, and the
| matching xgobi-doc package.  This is obviously not release-critical so do it
| now or after sarge is out.
| Thanks, and best regards, Dirk
| [1] xgobi dates back before Gtk et al and uses the X11 libraries/widgets
|     only, Ggobi is a rewrite/extension using Gtk.
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