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NBD 2.7.4


It's been pointed out to me that NBD 2.7.4 contains one rather important
fix in nbd-server.c, one which should, if possible, still get into

Unfortunately, NBD 2.7.4 also contains a rather high number of code
changes on nbd-client. These are mostly code cleanups and some things
rearranged without functional changes; however, as the patch to
nbd-client.c is rather large, it's hard to be 100% sure.

For your convenience, I've attached a diff between NBD 2.7.3-2 and NBD
2.7.4-1, edited so that autotools-generated files don't appear in it.
Please review it and let me know whether you'll push this version to
testing (the easiest way to proceed, but perhaps not the most
appropriate one) or whether you would rather have me prepare a version
for testing-proposed-updates that contains just the fix to nbd-server.c

(There is no RC bug filed against this change; but as it could result in
a DoS, it could just as well be the case)
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