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consider adding apt-cacher 0.9.2 to Sarge


please consider adding apt-cacher 0.9 to Sarge. It's not an easy
decission but I would do that. The current version had following
problems (summary):

 - for many it is not useable well with apache2: seems to leave many
   zombies with Apache2 in with popular configuration (#310566,
 - had bad locking problems: #251468 (this alone should have been RC, IMHO)
 - could only be used with apache or apache2 (no alternatives because of
   use of proprietary CGI vars). The new version allows usage of
   any httpd-cgi provider (in theory)
 - does not support time stamping, leads to desynchronisation of
   Packages/Release/package files with the remote archive
 - some cruft code I rewrote in 0.9 most likely caused package data
   corruption (#251660)
 - just look at
   http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=apt-cacher , about 20
   bugs would have been fixed by using version 0.9.2

Current bugs in my new version 0.9.2: none (that I am aware of)

Potential bugs: IMHO not in the parts I worked on (I have adopted the
package). The experimental features are disabled by default, disabled in
a non-invasive way. The people need to run an upgrade script once but
that's all. The cached data is not damaged by the upgrade and can be
converted easily.

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it's a metaphor.
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