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Sarge Release Notes - Status update

Hello translators,

A lot of work has been done on the Release Notes over the last week. There 
is still one more fairly major update and one or two minor ones planned, 
but that should be it. That last major update is somewhat complex and is 
therefore taking more time than was hoped.

A number of translation updates have been received and some have been 
announced. An overview of the current status is listed at the bottom.

Although there has been no official Release Update yet, it looks as if the 
release is going to be somewhat delayed from the last posted date.

The last planned updates should happen before the weekend. Hopefully you 
will be able to use the weekend to catch up with your translations.

I will inform you on this list of a new deadline when it is announced by 
the release managers.

Frans Pop

          Last          Revision    Last translator
Language  commit        comment     or commit by
en        2005/05/24    1.43        ---
ja        2005/05/24    1.38        Nobuhiro IMAI
es        2005/05/22    1.38*       Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
pt_BR     2005/05/21    1.36        Andre Luis Lopes
nl        2005/05/22    1.36        Frans Pop
fr        2005/05/21    1.33        Frédéric Bothamy
cs        2005/05/21    1.33        Miroslav Kure
it        2005/02/13    1.18        Luca Brivio
de        2005/04/12    1.13        Jens Seidel
zh_TW     2004/12/27    1.9         Tetralet
da        2005/01/01    1.9         Claus Hindsgaul
ca        2003/01/04    1.152       ?
ko        announced                 Yooseong Yang
it        announced                 Luca Brivio

* Partial update

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