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Re: Proposal: Bringing volatile in shape for sarge

On Tuesday 24 May 2005 10.31, Andreas Barth wrote:
> volatile is also mentioned in the release notes.

With volatile being mentioned in the release notes (and it being a 
debian.net service, thus not-entirely-official), a clarifying note should 
imho be added to explain what the difference is between the three big 
places to get debian packages, namely volatile, backports.org and 
apt-get.org (I hope d-release is the right list for this)

volatile is already covered, I propose adding a section 6.5

Getting additional software

Although the Debian GNU/Linux software archive is very big, it may happen 
that you want to install software not available from debian.org.  Debian 
packages are available from many places, the two most important addresses 
 - backports.org
     Debian's update policy is very conservative: basically, no new software 
versions at all are allowed into Debian sarge once it is released, the 
point updates (3.1r1 etc.) primarily integrate previously released security 
updates.  backports.org releases new software versions packaged to run on 
Debian sarge.  [#include not about security support for backports.org - I 
have no idea myself.]
 - apt-get.org
     apt-get.org is not a package repository itself, but many package 
repositories are listed in the searchable index of this site.  
Consequently, trustworthiness, quality and offered level of 
maintenance/support vary wildly depending on the source of the packages.

Please see also section 2.1.1 about 'volatile' as a source of updated 
packages for software like virus scanners etc. which depend on information 
that easily becomes outdated.

-- vbi

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