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mdadm udeb and d-i

mdadm has a udeb and is needed for installation. I just ran a quick
install check:

01:32 < madduck> i started a new install, replaced the mdadm-udeb with the new 
                 one on tty2 before configuring the raids
01:32 < madduck> then installed the base system with /home being raided
01:32 < madduck> chrooted to /target while it was waiting for me to acknowledge 
                 the grub install
01:32 < madduck> replaced mdadm there
01:32 < madduck> finished, rebooted
01:32 < madduck> and it seems to work.
01:33 < madduck> there are no /dev/md* symlinks during install,
01:33 < madduck> and no changes to mdadm should affect the way things happen 
                 during install (mostly init script stuff)
01:33 < madduck> so we're game, huh?

So regardless of which strategy I will assume to fix the symlink bug
stuff, this is a heads-up for a udeb replacement for d-i.

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