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Re: mozilla dependencies and versioned conflicts

Steve Langasek wrote:

> The question is, how can we be proactive about identifying the classes of
> changes that do or don't break these packages, so that mozilla can be
> checked for compatibility at the time of upload instead of having kazehakase
> and enigmail update their conflicts: after the fact?

Hi Steve,

I think the only way to tell this is to introspect the diff from 1.7.7 to 1.7.8.

So what about enigmail? I can prepare a rebuild today? But how can we adjust the
depends in such a way that we can upload a fixed mozilla (given that we
validated changes for incompatibility) the next time without having to care for
enigmail and kazehakase too?

I would suggest that I relax the dependency for enigmail on mozilla (and on
thunderbird) so it matches all 1.7.x (1.0.x) versions? Of course, we would have
to agree that the mozilla maintainer will check and maybe discuss the patch
applied before uploading a security-fix the next time.

Any comments?

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