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Re: docbook-xsl: Unacceptable regression at this point in release process

reassign 310088 docbook-xsl
severity 310088 grave

On Saturday 21 May 2005 21:09, you wrote:
> reassign 310088 debian-installer-manual
> severity 310088 normal
> thanks

Reassigning right back to you and setting to grave again.
Please discuss this issue first _before_ arbitrarily reassigning.

> I do not think this is a regression because the change is clearly
> documented in the changelog and the documentation
> (http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/html/shade.verb
> atim.html). That is why I reassign the bug to debian-installer-manual
> (is that the correct package?) and change the severity to normal.

The problem is that the installation manual is in XML and does not itself 
contain the deprecated code. The manual just has:
   some text

So, I CANNOT fix this by changing things in the manual.

Instead the packages that contain the stylesheets/programs used to 
generate the code processed by docbook-xsl need to be fixed.

The last week before a release is _not_ the time to introduce changes like 
these. New versions introduced into Sarge during the freeze should NOT 
contain functional changes, but only essential bug fixes.
This version of docbook-xsl clearly violates that principle and IMO the 
change should be reverted, especially as the changelog makes no mention 
at all of any critical issues being fixed with the new version.

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