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Re: Please allow apt-proxy 1.9.30 back into testing

On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 06:35:56PM +0100, Chris Halls wrote:
> apt-proxy 1.9.28 was removed due to RC bug #304182, where the conversion 
> script for the version in woody produced a broken config.  Otavio uploaded 
> 1.9.29, but that also contained other updates - translations, manpages and 
> documentation.

> Given your last announcement saying you want changes to be small, I have 
> reverted everything except for two fixes.  The RC bug fix is a one liner:

> -timeout="timeout = ${RSYNC_TIMEOUT:30}"
> +timeout="timeout = ${RSYNC_TIMEOUT:-30}"

> The second fix makes apt-proxy-import and the max_versions feature work again.  
> I commented a section of code out in 1.9.23, thinking it was implementing an 
> unrelated feature, but this stopped package database updates and thus a-p-i 
> from working.  I have reactivated the section, which has not changed since 
> 2002 and has therefore seen plenty of testing in the past.

> I attach the debdiff from 1.9.28 to 1.9.30.

Hrm... 1.9.29 is already in testing. :)  Do you still need 1.9.30 in?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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