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Re: Accepted shadow 1:4.0.3-31sarge5 (i386 source)

> This upload seems to have a number of problems:

We already discussed this on IRC, so this is just for the record...

Sorry for the mess, which is basically caused by the incredibly messy
way to apply patches adopted previously by the maintainer. We didn't
want to change too much stuff for sarge versions, so we kept the
switch to dpatch (then quilt) for the sid versions.

As a consequence, diffs are incredibly huge.

Moreover, in the meantime the maintenance team switched to SVN, mostly
because we didn't though we would need another update. This caused all
files RCS ID's to be changed, unfortunately.

> - I can't actually find anything in the interdiff between 4 and 5 indicating
>   that this passwd_check patch is present
> - owing to the switch from CVS to SVN, the interdiff between 4 and 5 is also
>   92,000 lines long consisting mostly of changes to RCS ids, so it's
>   possible the change is there and I overlooked it :/

Steve finally found it, as far as I have understood from our
discussions on IRC.

> - this version also re-adds the man/fr/po4a/fr directory that was removed in
>   3, further bloating the diff
> Could you confirm that the security patch is actually applied (and point me
> to it), and if not, please reupload with it properly applied and maybe with
> some of these other changes cleaned up?

It was included (lines 78852-78874 in the interdiff). 

I'm a bit reluctant for a re-upload because of these
changes caused mostly by CVS->SVN switch. Can you confirm here that
the package is OK for you?

Really sorry for adding you trouble in the release work.

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