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Please remove langband and langband-data from testing

* Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net> [2005-05-19 09:03]:
> > > > #297426: O: langband -- The langband Common lisp game
> > > > #297427: O: langband-data -- The Langband sound/image/etc files for
> > Also, the big question is whether these packages should ship with
> > sarge.  I'm happy not to remove them from the archive so you'll
> > maintain them after sarge, but is the current version ready for
> > release, or should we remove it from sarge and only leave it in
> > unstable?
> I just talked with upstream. Development has paused for an indefinite
> period and he thinks langband should *not* ship with sarge, but should
> stay only in sid.

RMs, can you please remove these two packages from sarge.
Martin Michlmayr

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