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Re: RFC on mysql 4.1 in sarge


On 2005-05-19 Steve Langasek wrote:
> > so we've come up with three options, none of which are great:
> > 1 the most recenty woody security update caused problems for some
> >   people, and there's a package already waiting to go in to fix this
> >   problem.  we could put a fix into the woody mysql-server package into
> >   this package before the security team handles it.
> > 2 if there's going to be a final woody point release, we could put a 
> >   fixed version in there
> > 3 give up on trying to fix it, assume that symlinks might get lost, and
> >   put something in a README file telling users what they have to do
> >   in order to fix up their database after restoring the symlinks.
> I see the same three options.  Joey has said he is working on a final woody
> point release for the last weekend in May; you'll probably need to
> coordinate with him and get something uploaded soon if you want to try for
> this option.
> 3 does not sound so bad to me; it's arguably user error anyway to replace a
> package-provided directory with a symlink in this manner, so having a corner
> case of "partially upgraded woody system and installing mysql-server-4.1 and
> messed with a package directory" is not the end of the world...

I guess you missed my response to this thread so I here the relevant parts:

As a direct upgrade from mysql-server (3.23) to mysql-server-4.1 without
a prior upgrade to mysql-server (4.0) is quite unlikely, I would like
to see our last upload, which in addition has some notes in README.Debian
and the Debconf installation notes regarding this, to be accepted for
Sarge. Relevant versions are 4.1.11a-2 and 4.0.24-10.

[new: 2nd issue - statically linked db3]

The new bug #308966 complains that mysql-server and libnss-db produce
segfault crashes as mysql-server until now still had the obsolete BDB (aka
BerkeleyDB) engine enabled which uses a statically linked local db3 version.

Thus BDB support could now complete been removed as luckily support for
BDB was not present on most architectures, disabled by default and
being warned at startup for a while now and will most likely be removed in
5.0 upstream anyway.

Or we could try a patch that Piotr Roszatycki is currently evaluating
which would add versioned symbols to the bdb functions in MySQL. He already
suspected though, that the patch would not be a oneliner..

So do you want
1. just stay with 4.1.11a-2 and the bug
2. an upload without BDB support as 4.1.11a-3
3. wait to decide upon the forthcoming "versioned symbols patch" later



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