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Re: postgreSQL and sarge

Apologies for CC: to -release list, but I hope one opposing viewpoint is

On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 08:45 -0300, Daniel Cristian Cruz wrote:
> I develop proprietary aplications (sick, I would like to develop free
> software...) with postgreSQL, and it's hard to use a Debian stable
> server with the version of postgreSQL... Now that there is 8.0 with
> tablespaces, it would be sad to see it out from the next stable.
> I say that because before 8.0, I was using debian testing for my
> server, since postgreSQL in woody is 7.2... Launching Sarge with 7.4
> could break many people hopping to see postgreSQL 8.0 in stable...

For myself, we use many PostgreSQL databases (.nz domain names and the
NZ Electoral Roll to name a couple) but we operate most of these on
"Woody" systems using one of the semi-official back ports of 7.4 if the
application needs it.

PostgreSQL started a new major version number with the release because
the level of change for version 8 is significant, and they want to
highlight that it could be unstable in the lower-numbered versions. I
don't think that it is sensible to put that sort of thing into Sarge.

AFAICS 8.0 is barely even packaged for Debian yet, and is largely
untested by the Debian-using community.

For the period immediately following Sarge's release, a backport is a
fairly trivial exercise (i.e. apt-get --build source ...), and later
than that people will maintain backports of important, actively evolving
packages operating cycles that are inevitably out of sync with Debian
(PostgreSQL, X.Org, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, ...)

The basic processes for handling this are in place already (e.g.
http://backports.org/), and there are further projects (e.g.
http://volatile.debian.net/) on the drawing board to take it further.

> The only way would be compiling by hand, wich for me isn't that bad,
> but for many people it is a seven head monster (I don't know this kind
> of expression in english, even I don't know if it is the same in
> portuguese...)

You're thinking of a Hydra, but it isn't actually that hard to build a
Debian package for a different release.  All you really need is the
build environment, and the deb-src configured to point to the newer

I sincerely hope nobody else clutters debian-release with more on this,
but I see my random signature below is predicting further conversation
by private exchange of e-mails ... :-)

					Andrew McMillan.

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