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please let arch-all ntlmaps into sarge (extra debconf translation)

Dear Release Managers,

I've just received a Czech translation for ntlmaps.  I've uploaded it as
version 0.9.9-2 to uk, since ftp-master wasn't accepting connections.

Could this version be included with sarge?  It's architecture-all so no
further builds are required.  The extra translation improves the
usability of sarge.


p.s. is something up with ftp-master? A normal dupload run to unstable
on anonymous-ftp-master (ftp-master.debian.org) failed with:

[ Uploading job ntlmaps_0.9.9-2_i386
 ntlmaps_0.9.9-2.dsc 0.6 kBdupload fatal error: Can't upload
ntlmaps_0.9.9-2.dsc : Could not create file.
 at /usr/bin/dupload line 506

but "dupload --to uk" (ftp.uk.debian.org) worked. Will ftp.uk.debian.org
forward on the package?  I haven't received any emails from it yet.

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