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Re: Please consider syslog-ng for testing

Micah Anderson wrote:
> I've just backported the fix that appeared in 1.6.6 and was sent as a
> patch to the debian bug by the upstream maintainer.
> The version uploaded to unstable (1.6.5-2.1) contains the fix for the
> security hole, two fixes for lintian errors (not warnings) and three
> documentation updates:
>   * Non-maintainer upload to fix security hole for sarge
>   * Changed debian/control to use a versioned depends on util-linux
>     to fix lintian error
>   * Converted debian/changelog to be valid UTF-8 by to fix lintian
>     error
>   * Updated documentation: doc/syslog-ng.conf.5, doc/syslog-ng.8 to fix
>     outdated information and typos and language clarification on klogd
>     in doc/sgml/syslog-ng.sgml
> Please consider allowing this version into sarge.

-Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, util-linux
+Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, util-linux (>=2.12-10)

You're missing a space here.              ^^

Otherwise looks ok.

see shy jo

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