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Please consider kernel-package 8.135


        Firstly, it contains updated Spanish man page for make-kpkg.

        Secondly, it fixes an incompatibility with dpkg in
 experimental, which shall be the dpkg in Etch.  The problem is that
 dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM output has changed for Linux,
 in order to conform to what the rest of the GNU tools output,
 resulting in kernel-package failing to figure out the system time.
 So, added DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS, which is only supported in the dpkg in
 experimental so far.  This ain't ever gonna get into Sarge, but shall
 be in Etch.  This version tries to cope with the dpkg released with
 Sarge, as well as the future dpkg that shall be in Etch.  I have
 discussed with vorlon, and this was deemed worthy of pushing into

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