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Leafnode for sarge

Please consider Leafnode 1.11.1-1 for inclusion in sarge.  It fixes RC
bug #306380 (a recent update to update-inetd fixing #296902 caused
Leafnode's update-inetd usage to fall in all cases except initial
installation).  While this version of the package also includes a new
upstream release the changes introduced are mostly documentation and
straightforward enough (see below) and include changes to the upstream
contact information that I imagine upstream would prefer to get into our
release.  The release would have been in sarge already were it not for a
delay from the hppa buildd.

If this is not acceptable I will prepare an upload with only the changes
to postinst and prerm fixing the above bug.

Upstream release note:

* 1.11.1, 2005-04-25

- Fix pluralization bug in "n article[s] posted" message, Debian bug #303157.
- Fix other pluralization bugs.
- Update address of web site in pseudo article, reported by Daniel Zwick.

- Backport leafnode-2 code to prefer /usr/xpg4/bin/id (if present) to
  /usr/bin/id, to improve portability to Solaris and avoid bogus warnings
  during ./configure.

- Remove TODO file.
- Update documentation and addresses of mailing lists and web sites,
  there have been obsolete links around in code, pseudo article and
- Add missing IPv6 hints to README files.
- Add incompatibility hint WRT configuration parser to README files.
- Clarify differences between global and server-specific parameters
  in leafnode(8) manual pages.

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