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Re: please consider python-defaults and python2.3 for testing

* Matthias Klose [Tue, 03 May 2005 20:28:32 +0200]:

> Great! Just a minor rewording. Please forward the version you like better.

  (No problem with python-profiler changes, trying to understand better
  your reasoning in the other paragraph).

>     Module 'dbm' not present in the default Python version: The
>     python2.X packages shipped with Sarge don't include the standard
      Uhm, python2.1 and python2.4 do include the dbm module. Is there
      something wrong with using it in that versions?

>     module 'dbm', which was present in the default Python version in
>     Woody, python2.1. The 'anydbm' or the 'bsddb' module should be
>     used as a replacement, see bugs #197871 and #197875 for
>     details. Also note that all python2.X packages in Sarge do include
               Unless there are reasons not to use dbm in 2.1 and 2.4,
      this sentence was meant to point out that it is available in that
      versions. Again, if it's better for that to go unnoticed, your
      change is ok.
>     these two module.

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