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Re: Bug#306639: batik: FTBFS: JAVA_HOME_DIRS incorrect

On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 08:55:01AM +0200, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> On 05-Apr-27 23:07, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> > Thanks for your bug reports, but you have to know that you can't file
> > FTBFS bugs reports about packages that are in contrib and relay on
> > packages that are not in Debian to build!

> > The non-free JDK's are not officially supported so the packages built
> > with non-free jdk's are not meant to be built 'as is' (I mean without
> > modification).

> > I have no problem with wishlist bugs to ease the build of the package on
> > every arches (which is not needed because these packages are arch: all!)
> > but this is *not* serious bugs!

> I tried to file only those bugs as 'serious' which can be reproduced on
> i386. For bugs which are amd64 specific, I usually use 'wishlist' severity. 
> Of course, I may have made a mistake in some cases. 

> At least this particular bug occurs on all arches. It is not very nice 
> to have to read, understand and manually change 'debian/rules' and 
> maybe some other files to get a package built. In particular, this makes 
> any kind of autobuilding impossible, which is a bad thing from a 
> security point of view - and also inconvenient, of course. 

The definition of contrib is "free but needs some stuff not in Debian".  For
any particular package, this "stuff" may or may not be something packaged in
Debian's non-free archive, but the net result is that contrib is not
completely autobuildable, and security support for contrib happens only
opportunistically.  As a result, I don't think it's a release-critical issue
to try to force all Java-based contrib packages into an autobuildable state;
it's nice if they autobuild, but Java is just one instance of non-Debian
"stuff".  Make-jpkg is the currently favored method of making j2sdk
packages available, but none of the half-dozen mutually-incompatible j2sdk
packages (including those generated by make-jpkg) are actually distributed
by Debian, so I don't think it's fair to require that contrib java packages
be buildable with any particular j2sdk package.

By all means, please keep filing (and fixing) bugs so that we can get as
many contrib packages as possible autobuilding, but especially with the
freeze coming soon, I don't think this should be RC for sarge.

> Some other types of bugs like 

> "'Missing Build-Depends on 'junit'" or 
> "'./debian_patch' not executable" 

> also appear on all arches including i386. I think those are 'serious' 
> FTBFS bugs, even for packages in 'contrib'. What should be done with 
> those?

I agree that those should be RC, since they are not about packages we don't

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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