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vips packages: remove arm nip2 -> sarge transition?

Executive summary: if my understanding is correct, removing arm
binaries for nip2 will allow completion of vips package rename
transition to be followed shortly by removal of old vips7.10
packages.  Other solutions, including requesting removal of vips7.10,
will not solve the problem of vips and vips7.10 both being in sarge
until the arm buildds catch up.  Details follow.

Sorry this is so long.  If I get no response in a few days, I'll
request removal of vips7.10 from sid, but it won't fully solve the
problem in sarge for reasons that are described in this message.


The vips packages are in a somewhat broken state because of the arm
buildd situation.  Specifically:

nip2 7.10.10 depends upon vips 7.10.10  [all but arm]
nip2 7.10.8 depends upon vips7.10 7.10.8  [arm only]
transitional vips7.10.dummy depends upon vips >> 7.10.8  [arch all]

vips is at 7.10.10 in sid and sarge and hasn't yet ever had an arm
binary.  It is a ways down in the buildd queue. This blocks nip2
7.10.10 from being built on arm which blocks nip2 from transitioning
to sarge, which blocks vips7.10.dummy from transitioning since that
would make the older nip2 uninstallable on arm.

There has been enough time for a smooth transition to the new packages
in sid using the dummy packages.  If the arm buildd situation hasn't
blocked their transition, I would be ready to request their removal by
now.  Doing so right now would still not make them disappear from
sarge though because nip2 7.10.8 on arm depends upon vips7.10.

If the arm binaries for nip2 were temporarily removed from sid and
sarge (they would reappear when the arm buildds catch up),
vips7.10.dummy and nip2-7.10.10 would be able to transition to sarge.
I'd then wait one week and request removal of vips7.10 from sid, which
would then automatically get removed from sarge.  With the exception
of arm users (and who would run a big imaging package on arm?),
everyone (which, granted, is a small number of users) would have a
chance to see a smooth transition for the vips package.  vips and nip2
will eventually move to arm when the arm buildds catch up far enough.

Alternatively, if the packages are allowed to transition without the
arm build, I'd again request removal of vips7.10 in a week, but I'm
not sure what would happen with sarge because of the older nip2 still
being there.  But it would still make a smooth transition for everyone
else possible.

If neither of these alternatives are acceptable because of the low
importance of these packages and the fact that no bugs (RC or
otherwise) are resolved by doing this, then I'll just give up on a
smooth transition for sarge users on these packages and request
removal of vips7.10 from sid.  They still won't be able disappear from
sarge until the arm buildds catch up anyway though, so this doesn't
buy us anything, really -- it just means there won't be a smooth
transition in sarge once the packages finally do transition, but the
old packages will still be sitting there until the arm buildd catches
up.  At least no further manual action would be required in this case
to keep vips7.10 out of sarge.

Thoughts?  I'm sorry to keep wasting people's time with these
relatively minor packages.  It's just that I planned out this nice
smooth transition of the vips package names with the intention of
having it be fully resolved long before the sarge release and having
it all happen invisibly in the background, but the arm buildd
situation combined with the approaching release are making this

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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