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FYI: vips7.10, vips, nip2

Just a quick note about vips packages.... I have a package rename in
progress that coincided with a new upstream version (bugfixes, no ABI
changes) of vips and nip2.  The new package names cleared NEW over the
weekend, and the new version was released today.  (The upstream author
wanted to get this bugfix version in before sarge!)  Barring any real
surprises, these will be the last uploads on these packages prior to

At the moment, we have vips7.10, vips, and nip2 in sid with vips7.10
and nip2 being at 7.10.8 and vips being at 7.10.9.  I have new
packages ready to upload and am just staging them over the next few
days to slightly reduce buildd errors.  By the end of the week, vips
and nip2 should both be at 7.10.9 and vips7.10 will be uploaded with
dummy packages that make apt-get dist-upgrade do the right thing with
respect to the package renames.  (I've carefully tested this
transition.  It should be pretty much invisible, and these packages
don't have any reverse dependencies.)

I mention this only because I don't want the release team to be
scratching their heads about multiple versions or the current state of
things being out of sync. :-)

Additional details available upon request.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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