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OpenLDAP issues

Hi Release Team!

As you are most probably aware there are quite some issues with OpenLDAP
in testing, which I'd like to summarize like this:

  the version in sarge is obsolescent and not in releaseable shape

This is my fault as the maintainer. Major problem is the GnuTLS support
which was in 2.1.xx but is not as stable as I'd like it and does not
port easily to 2.2.x which is why I am currently rewriting it.

I know there is no way to change all of OpenLDAP that late in the release
process. Instead I'd like to propose the following:

- use the libraries from the old 2.1 series
- provide just the runtime library, the utils and the server from 2.2

This has the following benefits:

a) we can use the OpenSSL support which is well tested and used all around
b) apart from the OpenLDAP packages nothing has to be changed

The downside:

a) upgrading from 2.1.x is not really tested and might not even work
   at time of sarge release. Woody has 2.0.23-6.3 which should be fine
   to upgrade to 2.2

Please consider supporting this proposal. Preliminary packages for this 
have been uploaded to experimental (2.1.30-5 is still building but will
be uploaded later).



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