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Re: [Pkg-db-devel] Re: libdb*, mutex and threading

* Clint Adams (schizo@debian.org) [050116 23:25]:
> > > > db4.2:
> > > > #232305: libdb4.2: Hangs on SMP (HyperThreaded P4) system using slapd 2.1.25-1

> > > There doesn't seem to be a fix for this?  Or did I miss
> > > something?
> > AFAICS, this is fixed with changing configure to never link to pthread,
> > and not using LD_ASSUME_KERNEL.
> When is it linking to pthread?

I hope that I didn't misrepresent that changes from:
  * Forward-port Kurt Roeckx's patch from bug#281059.
    - Add fast mutexes for MIPS and amd64.
    - Add --enable-pthreadsmutexes to configure.
  * Remove LD_ASSUME_KERNEL hack, since the
    --enable-pthreadsmutexes option defaults to off.
(from db4.3 changelog)

(But I meant that change - with dropping the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL hack, this
problem should AFAICS also disappear.)

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