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Re: Re: Dropping 2.4 hppa kernel-image packages


> If the hppa 2.6 kernels were included in the last d-i release candidate
> and there are successful install reports with that version, I think it's
> reasonable to consider dropping 2.4 kernels if they're really this
> difficult to support.

Not only are they. They are OBSOLETE, and UNMAINTAINED upstream.

> If 2.6 was not actually used on this architecture in RC2, then someone
> should have realized that 2.4 was unsupportable three months ago,
> *before* RC2 was released.  Going straight from no 2.6 support in the
> installer to using it as the only kernel we're shipping in the space of
> a single release candidate cycle is really not an option, there simply
> aren't enough safeguards against a change like this derailing the
> release planning process.

You don't get the correct reasoning here:

Last summer, 2.6 wasn't working properly on hppa (much borkage) and the
only reasonably working kernel we had back then was 2.4. Though, 2.4
support was already a _HACK_ and much effort was put into 2.6, with the
aim of getting rid of 2.4 ASAP.

Back then, it was emphasised that Sarge might release anytime soon, so we
decided to take the safe approach and go with 2.4.

Now 6 months have elapsed, and things are the complete opposite: 2.4 is
completely obsolete, and 2.6 works smoothly.

So ranting about not having received proper advice a few months ago is a
moot point.


Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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