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Re: Pushing (frozen) ifupdown (0.6.4-4.10) into sarge?

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 03:24:04PM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Ifupdown latest version (0.6.4-4.10) has been out for quite a while (since
> August) and if includes: translation fixes (#248717, #249233, #247772),
> documentation fixes (including #259609, #247772, #255218 ) and normal bug
> fixes (#250713, #245067, #242607, #255228, #121755, #258965, #255574,
> #242537, #242527 some of which have bitten new installations) and only a
> new feature [1] (--exclude) intented to help fix #254705, #256680 and
> #208700 in netbase (quite an easy fix, BTW).

> I know this package has been frozen but, since this package has been widely
> tested, and there are no RC bugs, could it be considered a candidate for
> moving into sarge? 

> If this could be done then a new netbase version (4.20?) could be uploaded
> to the archive to fix the 'deconfiguring 'lo' on shutdown' issues so that
> this issue is removed from new installations of sarge... With the new
> ifupdown version, the fix to the issues above is really simple and implies
> just a line change in netbase's networking script. Actually, this fix has 
> been tested by a number of people and could be considered quite safe too.

AJ, do you have a position on this changeset as the ifupdown maintainer?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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