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Re: Final polishing of the KDE 3.3 transition

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 08:32:20PM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
>   The gcc-3.4/libunwind transition having happened on Dec 31st, KDE 3.3
>   is mostly ready to enter sarge. In this mail, I will make a summary of
>   the last issues that need to be addressed:

>     (a) #266478, the dummy bug "new kdelibs should not enter testing
>         alone", should be closed now. If some RM mails to -done, that
>         would be nice. (But see (d) below - I have not already closed
>         it since I wanted some feedback first.)

This bug is now closed.

>     (c) Unless some RM objects, the latest security bugs won't get fixed
>         before the transition, and uploads to address them will be done
>         shortly after the transition with urgency=high.

>         I talked to Andreas about this too, and he agreed to it since
>         all the vulnerabilities are present in the current sarge
>         packages as well.

I agree that the impact of the KDE blockage is sufficient that we shouldn't
be holding KDE out of testing for bugs that aren't specific to unstable.

>         We now request for instructions about how to proceed so that the
>         affected bugs are not included in the RC bug count. One of:

>           1. <vorlon> those security bugs will have to be temporarily
>              downgraded

>           2. <vorlon> the only other way is to use force hints, and
>              using force hints would override the safety we were trying
>              to put in place.

>           3. <calc> you could set a temporary sarge-ignore tag?

>           4. <dato> or temporaly leave all of them as +sarge only, right?

>             (but: <vorlon> I think I prefer to lie about the severity
>             rather than lie about the tags; Kamion may have a different
>             opinion as a bugmaster.)

This preference isn't strong enough that I would want it to hold anything
up; all the options are kludges, so we might as well pick one and get on
with things.

>     (d) Given the number of packges that are stalled by kdelibs [1] and
>         not covered by this transition (i.e., not in the hands of the
>         KDE packagers), I expressed two concerns back in November [last
>         section of 2].

>          [1] http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?waiting=kdelibs
>          [2]http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/11/msg00154.html

>         As for the second concern, I'm only mildly drawing some
>         attention from RMs to it: kdelibs entering sarge will mean a
>         bunch of packages with *big* differences migrating, so I always
>         thought that the Release Team would prefer these migrations to
>         happen smoothly, and semi-controlled (plus what I say in the
>         mail), and the only scheme I could came up with was the mass
>         bug-filing.

This is not really a major concern; if there are RC bugs that haven't been
detected yet, there's no sense in sitting around waiting for them to be
filed.  If you have specific issues in mind that you suspect may be RC, it
would be best to investigate them before the affected packages reach
testing, of course.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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