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Re: bugs tagged sid,sarge and the RC bug count


* Adeodato Simó (asp16@alu.ua.es) [041228 23:55]:
>   a few days ago some kde people were trying to find out whether bugs
>   tagged +sid,sarge (and, of course, severity >= serious) do affect the
>   transition of packages to testing (by being considered for the RC bug
>   count).
>   I talked to jvw about the issue, and he thought that those bugs didn't
>   have any negative effect. but as he wasn't 100% sure, and it seemed we
>   had found a counter-example (lintian bug#286681), he advised that I
>   asked here to get a definite answer.

It is a bit more complicated than that:

First of all, there is the RC-bug count of a package in sid. This is
just the count of all RC-bugs, excluding RC-bugs which are fixed or
sarge-ignore, and excluding RC-bugs with an distribution-tag (i.e.
potato, woody, ...), except if the bugs is also tagged sid.

The RC-bug count of a package in sarge is equalled to the status in sid
during every britney run where the (source) packages have the same

So, to answer your question: A RC-bug tagged sarge, sid adds 1 to the
sid-RC bug count. However, if there is at least one britney run where
the versions in sarge and sid are the same, the sarge RC count has also
that 1 added. So, if the versions are the same, it has no negative
impact. If they are not, it's a blocker.

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