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Re: Problem with octave-plplot

* Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org> [2004-12-27 16:56]:

> The octave2.1 package is being held back by lack of a powerpc package. No
> idea why.

I do not understand neither.  The following buildd report:


tells that octave2.1 was successfully built on powerpc.  What is going on?

> For octave-plplot, the dependendies are much messier and releated to gcc 3.4
> and the libunwind mess. That is way behind me, but my octave-forge is being
> bitten by the same problem.

I am lost here, since I do not know at all why plplot ends up depending on
gcc-3.4.  Do you now why it is so with octave-forge?


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