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Hint for mozilla-thunderbird/0.9-6

We've discussed this on IRC and I think I have since found the
solution, hinting a couple of locale packages together is necessary:
easy mozilla-thunderbird/0.9-6 enigmail/2:0.89.0-1 mozilla-thunderbird-locale-nl/0.9.dfsg-1 mozilla-thunderbird-locale-ca/0.9-1 mozilla-thunderbird-locale-fr/0.9.dfsg-1 mozilla-thunderbird-locale-pl/0.9-1 mozilla-thunderbird-locale-de/0.9.dfsg-1

I've done this with brute force, finding all related packages with
grep-available, pinning sid on priority 50 and trying to install
$related package together with the complete thunderbird suite from sid
on a sarge system.
        cu andreas
PS: Due to the manual testing I probably have missed a package or two,
forcing you to fall back to "hint" instead of easy later, ... ;-)

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