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Re: Bug#284962: fig2sty does not cope with xfig-3.2.5-alpha5 file format

package fig2sty
severity 284962 normal

[Cc: to debian-release, just in case the "grave" severity level has already
 triggered actions from the release managers.]

> Version: 1:0.1-4
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> I experienced the problem wrinting my own xfig and trying to use it to
> make an sty file format.
> I also checked one of the /usr/share/doc/fig2sty/example/*.fig files:
> editing it with xfig and processing with fig2sty gives an unusable sty
> file.

I am downgrading the severity of this bug report to normal because I cannot
replicate at all the bug.  fig2sty works just fine here for the two LaTeX
examples example.tex and brief.tex in /usr/share/doc/fig2sty/examples/, even
when changing the nopic.fig and letter.fig files with XFig. 

I will keep the severity level at "normal" and, eventually, close this bug
report, unless you provide me with the precise cookbook to replicate the
bug, including the version numbers of the xfig and tetex packages you are

At any rate, thanks for the interest in the fig2sty package and for taking
time to submit a bug report.  However, next time please try to send more
useful and less gratuitous bugs reports.  Setting the severity to "grave" is
a extremely grave thing, specially in the proximity of a Debian release, and
must be supported by quite strong arguments.


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