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Why is evolution-data-server not in testing yet?


I noticed today that my testing script did not support the "New binary:"
status line in update_excuses.html. I'm a little puzzled as to exactly what it

>From gleaning in update_out.py, I am guessing "New binary" means the package
now has binaries for an architecture it previously didn't support?

I am also confused by the contents of update_output. When trying
evolution-data-server/mips, it failed with 14 packages becoming uninstallable:

 * mips: evolution-data-server, evolution-data-server-dev, libebook-dev,
   libebook8, libecal-dev, libecal6, libedata-book-dev, libedata-book1,
   libedata-cal-dev, libedata-cal5, libedataserver-dev, libedataserver3,
   libegroupwise-dev, libegroupwise6

These are the binaries that are being added by evolution-data-server/mips. How
does installing a package make binaries from the very same package


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