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Re: Proper Tag for failure on one arch? was: Re: Bug#279662: zapping: Zapping (on alpha) not releasable

* Helge Kreutzmann (kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de) [041104 16:15]:
> I CC:'ed Debian-release, because I assumed that all architectures were
> treated equally and hence the critically (and the Sarge tag) were
> correct.

A serious bug on any release arch is serious, yes. (Bugs only on hurd or
amd64 are not relevant for release of sarge, because that are no release

> Well, I assumed it'll move into testing. Reading other rc bug reports,
> I noticed that they were always re-openend and tagged sarge to notice
> that the migration is still due. Sorry if I am in error on the usage
> of the "Sarge" tag.

Yes, that's ok. A bug marked with only Sarge, but not with Sid tells us
that something needs to happen with the sarge version. (But please note
that this behaviour is likely to be changed soon, after the BTS learns
to follow package versions, which is due after release of sarge.)

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