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Re: Please don't remove gcc-3.2 before release of sarge

Andreas Barth writes:
> Hi,
> currently, three package still build-dep on gcc-3.2: libxml2,
> systemimager and xen. However, 520 packages depend on one of the
> libxml2-binary packages, including kde and gnome. So, I would consider
> it a bad idea to remove gcc-3.2 before release of sarge.

systemimager doesn't build-depend on gcc-3.2 anymore (in unstable). I
we really need to keep gcc-3.2, I'd like to remove the binaries not
really needed (g++-3.2, g77-3.2, gnat-3.2, gobjc-3.2,
libstdc++5-{dbg,dev,pic} (not libstdc++5-3.3-{dbg,dev,pic}), gcc-3.2-nof.

On the other hand libxml2 builds with gcc-3.4 on hppa.


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