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Sarge update

Hi a question from a "normal" debian user:

As sarge is comming to a server near me..

I wounder why certian packages are so old when some are bleading new.

bind (9.2.3) wich in debian is: 8.4.4
dhcp (3.0.1)  wich in debian is: 2.0pl5
iptables (1.2.11) 1.2.9
modutils (2.4.27) 2.4.26  etc

I understand that the debian installer needs to have certian packages like dhcp as stable to work on, but 3 version has way more features and will close some bugs, certian open some, but they can be closed as the others.

And alot of bugs from woody that are like 3 years old, when will they be closed, not talking about release critical packages, but stuff that are no near bugs today... Will this be cleared out when sarge goes into rc1?

And regards to the packages I mentioned over, discussions on mail lists have been that Sarge is soon to be released, so we will not upgrade these packages now. But it drags on and on, so when the dhcp package was asked why not in testing, think it was like over 6 months now, that was the argument- Sarge soon to be released!

A solution: set a date after installer is finished, have 30 days to upload every package that can be updated without bringing to many bugs into it( unstable- gnome team did this, why can`t others) and then freeze Sarge, then fix Debian installer to reflect the latest packages, wich are not that many. Then one go into fix,test Sarge.

So that one don`t have 98% of new packages and some that are waay old.



PS: dhcp3 has less bugs than v2, but not as much testing done on it.. so problaby reason, but hey..?

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