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Does testing autodetect packages merged into another sourcepackage?

Now that kdepim is finally in sync on m68k I was thinking whether it
would go into testing and stumbled e.g. over this:

In testing there a source-package "juk" that generates the binary
package juk, but the new version of kdemultimedia has juk integrated,
therefore there is no juk source in sid. - Will this be handled
automatically or does juk need to be hinted for removal[1].

Similar problems arise with kopete[1].

I am prety sure that this
hint kdepim/4:3.2.2-2 kdenetwork/4:3.2.2-1
is needed, because e.g. kmail has moved from kdenetwork to kdepim.
                  cu andreas
remove juk/1.95-3
remove kopete/0.7.4-2
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