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Re: SableVM stalled in SID again?

On (02/05/04 21:56), Matthias Klose wrote:
> Steve Langasek writes:
> > So the issue is that libsablevm-native1 is built on all architectures,
> > but sablevm hasn't been built on mips and mipsel, resulting in an
> > unsatisfiable dependency.

agrh... now i remember - I tightened the inter-dependencies to disallow
partial upgrades, that is - when you upgrade sablevm but not the java
library (which consists of two: one native and one pure-java packages).

> It's the build dependency on libffi2-dev, which is still missing on
> mips/mipsel. If/when gcc-3.4 moves to unstable, libffi will be
> available on all architectures.

Good point. By the time we release 1.1.5 (we're at 1.1.3 now) this
problem will be solved one way or another. I'll try to figure something
out on our own so that we didn't have to bother you every single time
in longer term. Now I have much better overview of what's happening.

Meanwhile - could you please KICK SableVM 1.1.3 to go into testing?



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