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Re: zope maintainer group

Hi, Jonas.

If a zope-maintainer group were created, I'd join it, but I'm not sure
it'd be any better than what we've already got with

Luca (and Gregor before him) were always willing to accept good
patches and NMUs, and all of us should (when we can) spend more time
fixing bugs in zope and the other packages we care about (including

So, i'm ambivalent.  More structure doesn't necessarily lead to more
progress, but I doubt it would slow anyone down.

Jonas Meurer <mejo@debian.org> writes:

> hello,
> assuming that zope is a medium to highly used package and that it needs
> more maintainer activity than most packages require, maybe a zope
> maintainer group would be nice.
> to give an argument, for me it's quite important to have zope in debian
> for continuing my job as debian sysadmin and webmaster, but i
> definitely don't have the time to maintain zope.
> so a maintainer group where i can contribute stuff, but don't have to
> do everything would be nice. this way some people would have the
> responsiblity and therefore the peer pressure required to keep the
> packages update and clean, but nobody would have to do all the work.
> bye
>  jonas

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