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Re: Testing upgrade excuses picking the wrong package

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 05:25:09PM +0100, Daniel Bonniot wrote:
> # nice (0.9.5-1 to 0.9.6-1)
>    * Maintainer: Daniel Bonniot
>    * Too young, only 4 of 10 days old
>    * Not considered
>    * Depends: nice orp-classpath (not considered)

      nice |    0.9.6-1 |      unstable | source, all

nice Depends: kaffe | java-virtual-machine, kaffe | java1-runtime | java2-runtime

The java-virtual-machine virtual package is available in testing on all
architectures. The java[12]-runtime virtual package is available on all
but mips* in testing, and is only available due to orp-classpath on mips*
in unstable.

The cheat that says arch:all packages only need their dependencies satisfied
on i386 was missing in the excuses analysis. It's been added now. :(

> I'm not sure if this will still be a problem when nice is old enough to 
> be considered, but the current output is at least misleading.

No, it's not. If you're feeling misled, it's almost always because you're
forgetting to look at the other ten architectures we support.

> Daniel
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