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Re: XFree86 4.3.0 and testing (was: when will the release release)

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Daniel Stone wrote:

> important, at best. I'm not suggesting that the patch shouldn't be
> applied for 4.3.0-8, which, given Branden's lack of response, I assume I
> am release-managing. However, it is most certainly not RC.

Even if i am silent on the list (as you know i am quit busy during these
days, and if you don't please read -private) lack of response doesn't mean
lack of responsabilities or interest.

Re-reading the bug log and the thread I still cannot understand why you
downgraded the bug in the first place. There is no explanation in the BTS
and the downgrade was done before Branden investigation that would have
let X entering sarge in any case. You might want to excuse if i missed
something but i can't access emails on a daily base but i am sure you can
be so kind to give an explanation.

> Please don't go around making stupid suggestions like this: you might
> give other people ideas.

If you want at act as a release manager, you should in the first place
stop telling people that they are stupid or whatever and start to
cooperate with everyone, even with "clueless" people (this is not meant to
be an attack to Adrian at all, but a general reference to less experienced
users) and give good explanations to your actions wearing the RM hat.


you forgot your caps lock on.


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