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Re: NMU sysklogd and/or switch to different system logger?

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> wrote:
> The 2.6 kernel has removed get_kernel_syms entirely, and the syscall appears 
> (looking at the sources) to return a no-such-syscall error.  So I'm 
> suspicious that the klogd code which uses get_kernel_syms (in ksym_mod.c) to 
> translate addresses to symbol names may simply not work with a 2.6 kernel... 
> has anyone checked whether it does?  :-)

The klogd syms code has been broken since day one.  It starts producing
broken results as soon as you load/unload a module after klogd has started.
It should be disabled even for 2.2/2.4.

In 2.2/2.4 ksymoops should be used instead.  And in 2.6 the kernel
itself will do the decoding.
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