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Re: NMU sysklogd and/or switch to different system logger?

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> It fits even better.  :-)  Thanks for finding the time to do this in amongst
> all your other work.  Rrowr... now there's just db3, db4.0, glibc,
> linux-kernel-headers,.... ;-)
> Incidentally, regarding bug #223210, I notice:
>    * Added a private module.h with extracted data from Linux 2.2 to replace
>      <linux/module.h> which creates a number parse errors.  (closes:
> Bug#223210)
> Really, 2.*2*?  Any reason for that rather than 2.4?

They're similar.  So it's from 2.4 as well.  Please take a look at the
source and let me know if there are any problems to be expected with
it, if you're in doubt.



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