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please make an announcement


There seems to be complete confusion over the release plans for sarge.
Following this list, looking at all the BSPs, d-i status, previous
release plans I would expect that sarge is nearly ready for release.
That means that all developers should be concentrating on making sure
that their packages are in top notch condition for sarge, bug free and
in testing. 

Unfortunately that isn't the case at all. Most developers are now
still considering making big changes to their packages and even
uploading huge new releases (gnome 2.6 for example). These actions are
completely the opposite of what you'd expect when we are near a release.
Discussions about these issues give lots of people commenting about the
release being many months off. Both non-developers and developers. That
is their opinion and so it affects what work they are doing for Debian. 

Please could you send out an announcement clarifying the current
situation. Are we in a freeze where uploads should mostly be to fix
bugs and certainly not packages of major new upstream releases?  Or is
sarge still months off? Should developers upload new versions; and
perhaps all the people doing excellent work with removals and lowering
the RC bug list have a well earned rest for a few months until that job
really needs doing?

My main point is that lots of developers are saying that sarge is months
away - if they think that then they will cause it to be many months
before any release. Please send out an announcement to clarify the
current situation. 

  .''`. Mark Howard
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